This calendar features London Tango social dancing venues with established Milonga & Practica events taking place at regular/frequent intervals. Also listed are some events beyond the London M25 boundary known to attract London dancers. To view a graphical representation of these go to the << London Milonga Map >> where you can also filter by 'day of the week'.

The London Tango Calendar is best viewed on larger screens. Not all content/info may be available on mobile devices and it will show the "Agenda" rather than the monthly "Calendar"!

[tab] [content title="Nota bene"] [Nota beneupdating a "living" Calendar can be pretty time consuming and as such entries shown here should serve as a guide only. It is advisable to check with organisers to ensure their Milonga or Practica is actually taking place on any particular date as there could always be some possible last minute changes or cancellations. This is even more relevant during the summer break and festive seasons when some organisers may not have had the courtesy to communicate their schedule with the public. [/content] [content title="Organiser info"] [Organisers]  as already noted we tend to list establised Milonga & Practica events taking place at regular/frequent intervals. If your event is not listed it could be due to a lack of promotion. Due to time constraints our main source of information are the London Tango groups on Facebook/Google+ etc and our focus is predominantly given to Inner London events and those benefiting visitors or anyone new to the London Tango scene. Pop up events, new ventures, alternative venues etc or places in Outer London/beyond the M25 boundary are entirely at our discretion. [/content] [content title="★ Ratings"] ★ ratings are based on personal experiences of these venues. Lower ratings do not necessary mean Milonga venues are not worth visiting, it may simply indicate a lower attendance or other factors considered when applying the rating at the time. More details about the ratings can be found on << London Milonga Reviews >> [/content] [content title="❤ Symbol"] Every now & again you may find a symbols appear here or there aiming to predict the GOTO places or events not to be missed! However it is always best to take any predictions with a pinch of salt and naturally this also applies here. [/content] [content title="HowTo: Filter Calendar"] Filter calendars  using the drop-down arrow ▼ at the top right corner next to the Calendar Agenda link. This allows you to show/hide particular calendars e.g. to hide all events taking place beyond the M25 boundary (showing only London events) simply unselect the BYD M25 calendar option from the drop down menu. [/content] [/tab]